About us

About Us

Pets2go International is run by Thelma Kruger who has been in the dog show and breeding business all her life. She has been transporting animals for more than 10 years now.

Her team consists of Thelma Kruger, Susan Visser, Monica Appolis, who are small but dedicated in the transportation of animals.

A full range of  IATA international airline approved travel crates are available for purchase as part of our complete service. We can also custom build your travel crate to IATA specifications.

The travel crate must be big enough to allow the dog or cat to stand and turn around. Please see our section on Travel Crates and Preparing for more information.

Your pet’s travel crate will be fitted with soft and absorbent travel bedding for extra comfort and water containers inside the door with a funnel outside the door allowing for your pet to be watered on route after the travel crate is sealed.We endeavour to book directs flights whenever possible and most destinations can be achieved same day Complete Door to door service Pickup and delivery to and from airports Supply and delivery of travel crates to airports IATA airline approved travel crates for purchase or hire.

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