Frequently Asked Questions

Does my pet travel on a commercial passenger flight or is there a special plane for them?

Your pet travels on commercial airlines, in the cargo hold.

This area is separate from the baggage area and is air conditioned,

climate controlled and pressurized just like the cabin where the passengers are.

The lighting is dimmed. This allows pets to travel in comfort.

In fact air travel is much safer than long distance road transport.

Does my pet get water and food when they are travelling on the plane?

The travel crate is fitted with a water container and funnel so that the pet can have water on the flight. The water container is filled before the flight leaves and at the transit point if there is one.

There is also a food container where a small amount of dry food is provided. If the flight includes a comfort stop the pet is provided with refreshments and exercise on route

Are sedatives used in pet shipping?

Absolutely not. Sedatives suppress the respiratory system of the pets, and lower their blood pressure which may cause disorientation. In fact, several airlines will not accept a dog or cat if they are sedated.

Even though some vets will examine pets’ prior travel, latest studies show that sedatives can multiply in high altitudes by several times depending on each pet.

What size travel crate will I need?

The crate must be large enough for a pet to stand up in, turn around & lie down in a normal position. Animal Travel will assist you with selecting the appropriate sized crate for your pet’s travel.

Please note: Your crate must not be the collapsible type. Visit our page on travel crates for sizes of travel crates. We can also provide made to measure travel crates.

Travel crates for use on international flights travelling from Australia are for purchase only; they cannot be hired and returned to Animal Travel due to strict Australian quarantine regulations

Does any of the airline staff travel with the pets in flight?

There is no one in the cargo hold of the aircraft during flight. The airline staff does have access to the section of the cargo hold where the pets are if there is a need to check on the pets during flight.

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