General Travel Tips

  • Your pet will feel more comfortable travelling with a smell it can recognize. We therefore recommend that you place a t-shirt that you have worn into the travel box. Please do not put an item of clothing into the box that has buckles, zips or buttons as these could be chewed off and become lodged in your pets’ throat. Similarly do not put toys into the box with small parts that could be chewed off.
  • No animal products i.e. hooves, rawhide chews or bones are allowed but please feel free to put a favored nibble in with them to keep them occupied.
  • Do not send your pet with their accessories i.e. feeding/water bowls, pet beds, boxes of treats or pet food containers. However a small quantity of their favorite dry food can be attached to the container. We will also take their leads and collars which we will attach to the travel kennel door by means of cable ties.
  • If you have your pet bird travelling put a half apple into the water bowl.