Puppy travel

  • Any piece of material from the breeder with smells of mother and anther babies.
    b. They will have to be at least 8 weeks old before travel is permissible, this is because their eardrums may not have developed fully and the pressurized environment of an aircraft may harm their ears if they are not fully developed.

  • Vaccinations; this is always the part that worries expectant parents, so here is the information in detail.

  • If the puppy is under 12 weeks old it can travel to South Africa on its mothers’ rabies vaccination. The mothers’ vaccination will have to have been valid over the birth period. So ask the breeder for a copy of the mothers’ vaccination booklet before you buy/transfer any funds.

  • Puppies travelling from South Africa can travel on its mothers’ valid rabies vaccination to certain countries such as The USA, Canada, Tanzania and Angola. However some countries will not accept mothers vaccinations and the puppy will have to travel on its own vaccination e.g. All EU countries and iii. If the mother did not have a valid rabies vaccination the puppy will have to travel on its own rabies vaccination. The earliest that a puppy should be vaccinated for rabies is 12 weeks old. Remember that a valid rabies vaccination must be older than 30 days but younger than 12 months. This means that your puppy will be 16 weeks old before travel is permissible.