Micro chipping your pet

  • The microchip is a rice grain sized personal pet identification device, normally situated between the pets’ shoulder blades. The chip has a unique number that enables your pet to be identified should it ever become separated from you. The microchip is linked by its’ unique number to an international database that holds all your, the owners, personal contact details and last known address. Any reputable vet has a scanner that enables them to locate and read the microchip. The vet will then contact the database holders who will then contact you to safely reunite you with your errant pet.
  • Any local veterinarian should be able to implant the microchip. It is a very quick procedure that does not require anesthesia or stitches; it is just a simple injection.
  • I do my own micro chipping as well
  • The best kind of microchip is an ISO-compatible microchip, which means it will be able to be scanned in both the SA and outside of the SA.
  • Microchips are designed to last the lifetime of a pet-a chip typically lasts at least 25 years. Chips do not need replacing.